Plus-Size Brides Wedding Dress Problems in Houston, TX Solved

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Type for Big Girls?

Wedding Dress2It is every woman’s dream to look her best on her wedding day. Most bride to bes are spending a number of months in order to search for the wedding dress that will fit them even if they are size 14 or more. According to some women who have been there, the task can be too overwhelming. For some, the search is like a nightmare.

You look at wedding magazines and in bridal boutique shops and most of models you see are models that are unbelievably slim. After seeing this, you might feel alienated because of the real shape that you have, oversize and pathetic. If there is one thing that you are sure, you won’t fit into that size 12. Moreover, you cannot starve yourself forcefully in order to wear those commercial dresses you see displayed in the boutiques. If this happens to you then you start asking yourself with some options. Where to look for a dress that fits your size? Where to start looking?

To assist you with this kind of dilemma in finding wedding dress in Houston, TX that is of your size, here are some of the tips that will help you in the factors of shape, places to shop or buy the dress and etc:

Fit your wedding dress while wearing set of underwear that is comfortable

If you want to be the bride that everyone will surely remember that is picture perfect, you should follow this simple tip. Yes, it is frustrating to look for a dress that is size 14 so make sure you are following the guidelines being set by the boutique shop.

Make a difference with the help of corset that is made to measure

As a bride, you should remain relax as much as possible. According to bridal boutique staffs, you should not force yourself especially on drastic things like wearing a corset in order to adjust or shrink the waist part of your body. Take it slowly because if you force yourself then ending up bruised will be the immediate result. You don’t want to faint on your wedding day, do you? Take it slowly especially if you are wearing corset.

Ensure that you are comfortable

There are some brides who see dress fitting as something to be only looked at the mirror. It does not mean it looks good in the mirror it already is comfortable. In order to gauge everything, try sitting and walking while you are wearing the dress. If the ceremony will require dancing, make sure that the measurement of the dress will allow you to move around. The last thing you want is being wrapped inside the dress and feel so uncomfortable.

Trying on a different type of dress

If you are open with yourself mentioning that you are plus size, informal dress can be really for you. This type of dress is known to be simple in terms of fabric and style as compared to the traditional dresses. An informal dress is good if the reception of your wedding as situated at the beach or in the garden. At some point, this dress can be worn in formal events for as long as you know how to mix and match.  

Experiment on the wedding color rules

When you choose a wedding dress in Houston, TX that is white in color, it will make you look so big and unflattering. Dresses that are categorical less harsh in terms of color is highly suffested. According to wedding stylists, you can always dress with combined colors the way Scottish does.  This kind of style is called Scottish tartan or medical combination wedding dress. For traditional colors, you can always stick to the different shades of ivory and cream instead of very white dress (stark white).

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